Just because of you

And now you’re here. Now you’re with me. All day all night. You eat with me because you like my food. You also watch with me the movies that I watch. I can not take a shower alone, but I love it, because you take it with me. Now you are smiling because I am writing to you. Now you are laughing because I’m making fun of you but you know that I’m not serious is just a joke.

Now you are in my plans, now you are the girl of my future, but I don’t like it, because you are changing my plans, forgetting all the things that I planed to do, just because of you.

Now I would leave all my tasks to be with you.

And I don’t want. I don’t want to think in you. I don’t want to stay with you all the day, just thinking that… I’m on panic.

Just keep forcing me to be a better person.

Just do It in a healthy way, don’t think that, if I trust you and I believe you and I do the things that you want me to do you can control and manipulate me, because that is not true, I trust you because I am in love with you, because I think you do that because also you love me.

So, my next plan will be just to be your friend, just to be there when you need It, I am going to try to don’t make weird situation, you know, sometimes I can not avoid this situations. I will be just your friend, I can not be more than that, I don’t owe you. Also I am from valencia, and you are from other planet 🌍. It’s imposible to be together and don’t suffer, because maybe the life is about that, keep away the suffering. And keep close the surf.




Thanks! Photo by STIL on Unsplash


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